All trading involves risk.

Faraday Research in partnership with Tradefair

Real time trade signals from qualified experts

Faraday Research provides daily actionable trade ideas for the FX markets. Our products are used by experienced traders with limited time for analysis, newer traders who want to learn from our experts, and traders of all levels looking to improve the consistency of their returns.

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Our approach

  1. Our global team of expert analysts systematically comb the FX markets every day to identify the best short term trading opportunities

  2. We send real time trade signals direct to your email and mobile phone including target entry price, stop level, and rationale for the trade

  3. Our analysts monitor open positions and tell you when to take profits or close a trade in response to market movements

Other Faraday benefits

  • Daily insight and comment on global markets to keep you in touch
  • Every Faraday trade signal provides a detailed rationale for the trade so you can learn how to develop your own trade set-ups using technical and fundamental indicators
  • A dedicated account manager to help answer any questions you have
  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK