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Archives / 2018 / January
  • AUDJPY Implied Volatility spikes to a 14-month high

    30 January 2018 By Matthew Simpson CFTe

    Australian CPI is a core focus for traders and the RBA tomorrow. As we mentioned yesterday, it could become a volatile event if we land either side of the forecast figure. And implied volatility (as the name suggests) seems to think it could become one.

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  • FTSE finds support at previous resistance

    29 January 2018 By Trevellyan Ward

    Last week was a rough one for the FTSE 100 with index down over 65 points. Moreover, it would have been a lot worse had it not been for Friday’s fightback which saw the FTSE 100 rally just shy of 50 …

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  • Forex in Focus - EUR/USD

    24 January 2018 By Jamie Dutta

    With the dollar in freefall, Jamie Dutta discusses the move with EUR strength likely to be addressed by Mario Draghi tomorrow at the ECB meeting.

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  • 2009 high is key for DXY

    24 January 2018

    The US Dollar Index sank to new lows today in Asia, finally breaking out of a tight range we highlighted last week. The straw that broke the camel’s back will always be up for debate, but it’s fair to say more than a few forces have worked against the Greenback this week.

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  • Forex In Focus - USD/CAD

    23 January 2018

    USDCAD is coiling above recent lows ahead of the latest round of NAFTA talks, a week-long event which could prove binary where Canadian Dollar strength is concerned. Matt Simpson takes a technical look.

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  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the government shutdown

    19 January 2018 By Matthew Weller CFA, CMT

    Based on the continuing uptrend in the stock market, investors are relatively unperturbed. Even the US dollar has stabilized above the key 90.00 level this week, despite increasingly dire headlines out of Washington. While we always prefer to take a "glass half full" outlook, it's worth exploring what could happen to stocks and the dollar if the government is indeed forced to shut down tonight.

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  • Stocks to Watch - RBS

    17 January 2018 By Trevellyan Ward

    With many believing we are coming to end of the low interest rate era, Trevellyan Ward discusses RBS as a potential long.

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  • AUDCAD stalls at neckline ahead of BOC meeting and AU employment

    16 January 2018 By Matthew Simpson CFTe

    AUDCAD has stalled beneath a pivotal zone of resistance as we approach the BOC policy meeting and Australian employment report. If we are to see a divergent theme materialise between the two events, we could expect price to provide a decisive break or firm rejection of this resistance area.

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  • Forex In Focus - GBPUSD

    15 January 2018 By Matthew Simpson CFTe

    Broad USD weakness helped Cable break and close above 1.3660, a level it hasn’t traded above since the EU Referendum. And whilst the breakout appears a little stretched near-term, higher timeframe momentum could favour bullish setups further out.

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  • Forex in Focus - USD/JPY

    11 January 2018 By Jamie Dutta

    USD/JPY has sold off dramatically this week and Jamie Dutta discusses this move and the wider picture for this major.

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  • AUD bumps it head on resistance cluster - yet 80c is tantalisingly close

    11 January 2018 By Matthew Simpson CFTe

    The Australian Dollar was given another boost today after retail sales far exceeded expectations. Poking its’ nose to a 3-month high before edging low, the move follows on from an impressive run since the 8th December low. As AUDUSD is the stronger pair on a relative strength basis (with AUDGBP hot on its heels) we’re keen to explore bullish opportunities if conditions allow.

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  • Forex In Focus - EURUSD

    8 January 2018 By Matthew Simpson CFTe

    Euro’s rally stalled below the 2017 high just as gross long positioning reached fresh levels. So is a breakout or retracement imminent? We’re keeping a close eye on the 1.20-1.21 area for clues.

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  • GBPAUD Revs the Engine for a Break of December's Low

    4 January 2018 By Matthew Simpson CFTe

    Following a relatively small pullback to 1.7416, yesterday’s bearish engulfing candle suggests a swing high may have formed, or at the very least is making an attempt of one. So our attention now shifts to 1.7211, as a break beneath the December low opens up a potential run for 1.6896-928.

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  • FX Majors Preview

    3 January 2018 By Jamie Dutta

    With the goldilocks global economy set to roll on for another year, the current environment should remain supportive for risk markets and assets. This cyclical environment – broadening growth with …

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  • Forex In Focus - EURJPY

    2 January 2018 By Matthew Simpson CFTe

    Helped by a weaker Greenback and record levels of gross-long Euro exposure, EURJPY broke to a 26-month high by the close of 2017. Yet whilst the potential for a crowded Euro trade may surface this …

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