All trading involves risk.

FX Trader

Daily buy and sell trade signals and analysis from our global team of expert analysts, highlighting the best global FX trading opportunities 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday

Only £50 per month / $60 per month

FX Trader provides trade signals covering the largest financial market in the world…

In forex trading, some $4 trillion changes hands around the world every day. That’s greater than the turnover of all of the world's stock and bond markets combined.
There are many advantages of forex trading, including:

  • 24-hour trading, 5 days a week
  • Zero commissions
  • Enormous liquidity means tight dealing spreads
  • Leveraged trading with low margin requirements
  • The ability to profit in rising or falling markets

It’s important to remember that the forex market doesn’t sleep. The 24-hour nature of the forex market means traders have the opportunity to place trades at any time of day or night. Whilst this flexibility is a huge advantage, it does mean that your open trading positions will be moving throughout the night.

Introducing FX Trader…

At Faraday, we have our own forex trading product that provides you with expert trade signals selected from over 20 of the most popular global currency pairs, called FX Trader. All our signals provide you with all in the information you need to place a trade in real-time, Monday to Friday. You’ll know exactly what’s happening and what action you need to take wherever and whenever opportunities emerge.

Every trade signal contains all the information a user needs to place a trade including:

  • Currency pair
  • Direction
  • Entry price levels
  • Stop loss price levels
  • Take profit price levels
  • Rationale behind trade suggestion

FX Trader doesn’t stop there…

Our team of experienced analysts monitor all open positions around the clock, 24 hours a day (Monday to Friday), allowing us to send take profits and close trade signals in real-time, as well as allowing us spot new trading opportunities.

  • Daily FX trade signals
  • Delivery by SMS and email
  • Active monitoring of open trades
  • Stop loss and close levels
  • Free mobile apps

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